1. wildwolfx's Avatar
    So I have been having some weird problem; the screen sometimes becomes unresponsive to touch... well kind of.

    I went for a jog last evening and held the phone in my hand the entire time (I have no pockets in my shorts). No, 6/10 times I try to unlock my phone it is completely unresponsive. However, when I hold the power button and the 'Turn off' button appears on my screen I can click on it or away from it without any problems.

    So basically I can't get into my phone, the only (maybe placebo?) solution that works for me is removing my case from the phone (somehow it becomes partly responsive then), then swiping up the google microphone thingy on the left bottom on the screen and then going back to the lockscreen.

    So it's not a hardware-related problem; somethings wrong with the software of the phone itself. Has anybody had any similar problems?

    Additional info:
    • I cracked phone two weeks ago
    • When unlocked, the screen is only sometimes unresponsive in the bottom right
    • I can always use the home button (which is touchscreen)
    • The touchscreen also become unresponsive while using the app Snapchat
    05-10-2016 02:08 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Perhaps it has to do with some moisture seeping into the cracked screen while you were jogging (i.e., the sweat from your hand).
    05-12-2016 12:15 AM
  3. wildwolfx's Avatar

    Yeh that's what I thought - however it is weird that it only seems to freeze on the unlockscreen, homescreen and Snapchat. As said, it's weird that when I hold the power button I can simply touch away the 'Turn off' button from the screen. Perhaps I need a factory reset.
    05-12-2016 03:44 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    A factory reset wouldn't hurt at this point. You've already tried a simple reboot, correct?
    05-12-2016 09:51 AM
  5. wildwolfx's Avatar
    Yeh I did a reboot (holding power + volume buttons). It didn't work. I'm going to do a factory reset asap.
    05-12-2016 10:56 AM
  6. NucleBAH's Avatar
    I've tried factory resets for mine. It doesn't do anything.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-13-2016 02:00 AM

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