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    Got a notification yesterday that it was available, accepted and downloaded it, and hit Install. The screen accordingly showed the little green android being animated for a decent length of time, and the expected reboot happened along the way (I can' t remember at what point). Then something indicated that the install was completed (something I also can't remember - perhaps my home screen reappeared).

    I thought that was that, but the original availability notification still appears when I turn on/unlock the phone.
    In 'About phone', Android ver. is 6.01, and Android security patch level is 1 July 2016. I'm in Ireland, and my update file suffix is

    How do I tell whether it's a failed installation, or the notification failing to go away? (Maybe I could have done something in a setting re notifications?)

    In case it's relevant, I'm in Ireland (update file suffix .en.EU), My carrier is Three (previously o2, before Three took it over), and all my data is over the internet via wifi. I'm using the Nova bootloader.
    02-06-2017 06:08 AM
  2. Vyrlokar's Avatar
    Weird, I received an OTA not so long ago, and the details are as follow:

    Android security path level: 1 october 2016
    System version: 24.201.5.osprey_reteu_2gb.reteu.en.EU reteo
    Build number: MPIS24.107-55-2-5

    It this seems that you're an OTA behind, so please update your phone, I had no issues with mine
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    02-07-2017 01:51 PM
  3. Netherthorpe's Avatar
    Thank you Vyrlokar, I'll look into that!
    Sorry for delay (must have overlooked a notification button).
    02-09-2017 03:46 PM
  4. Netherthorpe's Avatar
    Yes, you were quite right Vyrlokar - I just wasn’t expecting 2 updates at once! I said Yes to notification mk 2, and after a second install my details are now the same as yours.

    I can only assume your carrier was able to implement both updates earlier than mine. I’m with Three Ireland (by virtue of being with O2 Ireland when Three took it over), and my phone got Marshmallow later than the other countries I read about.

    I can’t figure out why two updates at once (and don’t think I could have been offered either one before and not noticed, given how insistent the notifications are!). The workings of these things are a mystery to me, and O2/Three doesn’t do much to dispel it (not always answering the same question that was asked, etc).

    But the main thing is it’s sorted now and I can move on. Thanks again.
    02-10-2017 03:09 PM

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