1. clankfu's Avatar
    Just got mine today and noticed that the volume rocker is pretty mushy and a little wobbly. Is that normal?
    07-11-2017 08:39 PM
  2. jjinal's Avatar
    I don't have an answer but I hate a mushy button. If it's not clicky and tight I'm not interested.
    07-13-2017 07:27 PM
  3. MobileNick's Avatar
    Hard to say. It seems a *bit* mushier than say, phones with 2 separate volume buttons. But I have not found it to be mushy enough for me to take notice. Either your unit is bad, or you have a lower tolerance for mushy buttons than I do (although I too hate mushy buttons so that is unlikely)
    07-14-2017 10:57 AM

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