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    I have a Motorola/Lenovo Moto G5 Plus with Android Nougat. I have a Sandisk Ultra 128gb formatted as adoptable/internal storage. So it is linked to that phone.

    While listening to a song it stopped working, just disappeared. It is not visible in the settings-storage. After a reboot the internal storage space went down to 24gb (phone memory). The problem is I can't see the SD card as a device anywhere (phone Total commander, SD card adapter&card reader on Mac, windows, linux), so I can't format it again. SanDisk claims the micro SD card is fine.

    I don't care about the files, but shouldn't it pop up as a device it was still working?

    Any ideas on how to see the card again? Or is it just completely gone (wouldn't be the first Sandisk SD card to fail after a few months)?

    Thanks for any idea!
    09-04-2017 12:29 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Adoptable storage adopts the SD card as part of internal storage, so you can't "access the SD card", you can only access "internal SD" storage - which includes the space on the SD card.

    If you want the card to act the way it used to, format it as Portable Storage, and you'll have internal SD and external SD. (The whole idea of adoptable storage is to "expand" the internal storage of the device.)
    09-04-2017 12:34 PM
  3. blacky23566's Avatar
    Thanks, yes that's what I wanted it for, but it just stopped being there for no reason. So my phone has 32gb internal built-in memory + 128gb from the card (minus the system) and that was my internal memory. I can't see the card anymore and after the restart the internal memory dropped to 24 gb. If I put it a normal portable micro SD from another phone that works as expected.
    The question is: Is the card defect or did my phone just "forget" it was supposed to have an internal SD card?
    09-04-2017 05:54 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's possible that the card is counterfeit. (The "card" is actually a whole computer - storage for you, a CPU and storage for the CPU. A 4k card can be reprogrammed to say that it's 128K, but as soon as you put more than 4k on it, you overwrite the beginning of its storage, and all sorts of bad things - like the card disappearing - can happen. If the phone won't read the card, format it in your PC as a normal exFAT card, put it into the phone and run SD Insight. If it doesn't show that it's a smaller card right away, look at the manufacture date. If it's 1 Jan 1970, it's counterfeit. (In Unix date-time, that's 0, and many counterfeiters just zero all of storage and don't put a legitimate-looking date in.)

    If it's not a counterfeit card, contact SanDisk microSD Tech Support (live chat at the upper right) and ask for help. They're pretty good. (Their cards are a bit more expensive than others, but I don't buy any other brand - I like good tech support.)
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    09-05-2017 01:41 PM

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