1. MobileNick's Avatar
    I'm on the AT&T next-every-year plan and come renewal time for my S8, decided to step back and grab the G6 Play. I'd have preferred the G6 but AT&T only carries the Play. Was concerned about the lower Snapdragon 4xx processor as well as only 2 GB memory but have been pretty pleased so far. Sure, the camera is poor in low light and a bit of stuttering but really not that much worse than the S8. But all this for 1/4th the price!! $7.50 per month instead of $31.25. Crazy!

    Anyway - just throwing this out there in case someone else is considering this option
    10-05-2018 05:50 PM
  2. spacemanZ10's Avatar
    I replaced a Sony xa1 ultra nearly went iPhone xr but this seems so much phone for not much cash.
    02-03-2019 02:55 AM
  3. Haley Chris's Avatar
    Yeah I've Heard Alot of Good Things About The G6 Play I Might Get It Thursday
    02-03-2019 07:19 AM

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