1. Javier P's Avatar
    First reviews are coming in.

    I pretty much agree with almost everything but a couple of personal preferences, like Moto One-button nav and their implementation after Pie. I'm a big fan of Moto gestures.
    02-18-2019 01:50 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Some very personal considerations after using it over a week.

    Usability. The phone feels great in the hand, the form factor and the chin are good for one-handed use and the glass back gives enough grip to use it without a case (yeah, I can be a fool sometimes).

    Screen/display. I love that 6.2 display, it'll be very difficult coming back to a smaller one. Big screen and small bezels mean you have a notch and some cutouts. It's not very big and you don't notice it much on apps with a dark background. In apps like Chrome, with a light background, the water drop and specially the rounded cutouts on the top corners are a bit too much for my liking. You can hide it from the Developer Options but the result is not very good so I installed Nacho Notch. It gets the job done even not being perfect. Liking the notch or not is very personal, I'm happier having the sharp top corners back.

    The adaptive brightness can get on your nerves the first couple of days. You need to change it manually for a while until it learns your preferences, then it works great.

    Gestures. Moto One-button nav is even better than before ... for me. It includes more gestures and you only have a narrow bar at the bottom with the navigation "pill". The rear FPS include gestures to expand the notification bar and quick settings. I love gestures for one-handed use, so the mixture of Pie, new shortcuts, Moto actions and Nova is perfect.

    The FPS is fast, reliable and very easy to "find" after a couple of days of use.

    Battery. Meh, nothing to call home. It's not bad and will get most people through the day with no problem at all. Same battery size and bigger display means a bit worse battery life when compared with older Moto G devices. They say that Pie's adaptive battery feature can make a difference after it learns your usage, too soon to be sure. Now, fast charging. 27w Turbo Power is amazing, very fast and I haven't noticed the phone heating too much while charging. Great addition.

    Camera. Not a big photo guy. I've taken a few pictures here and there without playing with the new features and the results are far better than with any other Moto phone I've used before. Definitely an improvement here.

    The stereo speakers are clear and loud enough for my use and I keep the headphones plug!

    Radios are as good as ever (I have two active SIM cards on areas with weak signal) and I think WiFi can get better signal than previous models.

    For the rest of things basically what the guy said. Very good performance for the price, the 4GB make multitasking fast and smooth and the phone looks very nice.

    All considered I really like the phone and, most importantly, I feel happy using it and that's what I really value
    02-18-2019 06:20 PM
  3. Javier P's Avatar
    Update on battery life. Great improvement after disabling Enhanced 4G LTE mode. I have two active SIMs cards and signal is very weak most of the time. All battery averages jumped after disabling this feature on both cards. I guess that adaptive battery and brightness are helping as well after learning my usage.
    Moto G7 Plus - Review.-img_20190221_105348.jpegMoto G7 Plus - Review.-screenshot_20190221-105149.jpeg
    02-21-2019 08:23 AM

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