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    Hi all, I have an unlocked Moto G6 (Oreo, not rooted) on Verizon. Phone has been great since purchased in February. But yesterday it developed the strangest problem. I noticed when I plugged the phone in at work, the percentage was going down. I thought maybe it was an app that was significantly draining the battery, but that wasn't the case. Then I figured it was a problem with the cable, but again, nope, it happened with my other cables (including the stock cable and charger which came with the phone).

    The phone will never reach 100%, it sits at 99% maximum. The turbocharge feature indicates it is working but no longer gives a time to full charge on the lockscreen. When it is plugged in, the battery percentage trickles down. When I unplug the phone from the charger, the percentage jumps back to where I would expect it to, with a maximum of 99%.

    Steps I've tried to resolve:

    Use different/stock cables/chargers (no effect)

    Run phone in safe mode (no effect)

    Battery calibration (no effect)

    Factory reset (no effect)

    Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? I can't find anything similar in my searches. Any suggestions or insights would be helpful, thanks.
    06-06-2019 09:27 PM
  2. flica66's Avatar
    here found something. ..

    "theandroidsoul" + "motorola-moto-g6-problems-and-their-fixes"

    here a few steps to check and verify your battery problems. and also they provide a few steps to resolve your problem.
    I hope it will help you.!
    06-07-2019 01:51 AM
  3. itic's Avatar
    Have you checked to see what apps might be running in the background?
    06-08-2019 10:41 AM

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