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    I just moved from an old Samsung Note to a Motorola G7 Power. I am happy with the Power except for the fact that every gif file I send ends up looking like a jpg. Whether I send it via Gmail or in a text. I'm wondering if there's a way around this.
    07-26-2019 09:24 PM
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    I can't imagine Moto getting this wrong without a lot of complaints, so my first thought is that the size settings for items sent is set to a low level. A lot of times in your SMS settings there is a setting for message size. While most carriers naturally limit the size of messages, if the app size setting is set lower than the carrier the app may be trying to limit the message size to save you data charges. It could be assuming that you are trying to stay under the size that is set and to do this it may remove some or all of the animation or change the file type to something smaller. So at least for the MMS/SMS messages I would check the app settings for size settings.

    As for the email side I'm wondering if the app you're using is able to display animated images.

    Are the GIF files animated when you select and add them?

    If you sent one to yourself, provided it is animated when selected, when opened is it still animated?

    Can you view GIF files that are animated? If you saved one from the web can you then go in and open it in a viewer and it still appears animated?

    Have you looked at the file type, by long pressing on the item and checking the details to see what the file type is? Have you tried this on one that you've sent to yourself to ensure it is still in GIF format?

    If you've received a reply in GIF format, from an outside source, does the received GIF appear animated or does this only affect the ones you send?

    On that same note, do your recipients say that the items they receive from you aren't animated or is that just what you see on your end? Again leaning towards this being a display issue on your end vs what is being sent or received.

    Has anything changed, besides the phone, obviously, on your end?

    Have you changed how you capture these images? So on your Note did you get them from the keyboard and now you are getting them from the web, did you change keyboards or something like that?

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    07-26-2019 10:37 PM
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    You are correct. The problem wasn't/isn't my G7 Power. Its with the phone I was sending the gifs from (to my G7). The program I use to make the GIFs is on my old Iphone and I sent them to my Motorola.

    Thank you for your answer.
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    07-28-2019 12:28 AM

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