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    My galaxy S4 was never lasting long so I put in extended battery kranich 7500mah. It lasted full a full day then but got very hot eve just browsing the web or email and no games. Even the new G4 Play I just got yesterday has only 2800 mah battery and it gets warm even after 10-15 minutes no games.

    I installed coolermaster app on both. And even my insignia elite flex tablet with lollipop get warm also after only 5 minutes of use. Coolermaster says overheating like 95-100 fahrenheit. But my friends (LG G3 I think it was) was getting 110+ no issues. A little warm but no issues.

    Sitting in my pocket doing nothing my G4 play is 95.8 right now. After even after shutting it off for 30 minutes off it is still 85.5 degrees fahrenheit.

    What is everyone else getting? And is 100 degrees normal after 10 minutes or what is normal idle temp?
    06-17-2017 06:26 PM

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