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    Hi !
    I had put my Moto G4 Plus on charge on 27th morning and when I went to take it off charge I found it had switched off.I could not turn it on again and pressing power and volume keys as suggested in some websites and by Customer Care did not produce any response on the phone screen.
    I was advised by Customer Care to take it to a service centre which I did today.They checked it and said that the motherboard needed changing.I was surprised to see that there were many others there who had phone problems in Motorola phones during warranty period.
    I am a careful and generally light user and right now disappointed with Motorola.
    I will be getting my phone back within 5-7 days.I do not have to pay anything as my phone is in warranty period.However , I will have to get another tempered glass screen protector as my current one will be removed during the repair process.
    I did not have any problem prior to this and that morning phone was working normally before it died.
    03-28-2017 11:31 AM

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