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    I'm not techie but usually do ok at the basics and google search own tech support... For awhile I was ok with my first smart phone moto g 1st gen, used google voice with own number and could text from my computer (from gmail page or voice page/Windows 10) and my phone. Somehow with new Moto G4 and maybe the roll out of new messenger I am lost. Also I see there is an updated of GV.
    With video chat I use skype, facebook and hangouts on the computer and I think hangouts on the moto g4 with my husband who doesn't FB.

    Can someone help? Please and thank you!

    Currently on my phone
    Messenger Lighter Blue with italicized N / balloon pointer at bottom left
    Messenger Royal Blue / balloon pointing top left looking at it.
    Messaging Green
    Google Hangouts
    Google Dialer
    No skype use on phone

    I would love to just use my google voice for everything including showing that number outbound cell for texting and voice. Is that even possible?
    Would like to video chat from phone too but not nearly as important as everything else. Contacts often have gmail account but also a good many Apple
    Would like to delete duplicate apps...

    Any ideas what set up I can use and what I apps I can delete?
    02-20-2017 09:58 PM
  2. desert turtle's Avatar
    I did more reading / searching after I posted this and saw that parts of it are like chasing one tail at least at my level of understanding.
    Let me try a different, much simpler question... with a google number and an android moto g 4 what is the most basic text client would you used both on my computer and phone. Please and thank you.
    02-24-2017 01:33 PM

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