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    Due to steam burns I've lost most of my fingertips. I'm managing to adjust just fine, thank you very much, but anything I can do to automate things just makes life I'll life better.

    One major annoyance is fumbling around with my phone to answer a call. Can't tell you how many times I've missed a call from my wife or the VA doctors by dropping the bloody thing while attempting to answer!
    I've tried app after app, and checked every setting. Still can't find a way to *Auto Answer to Bluetooth* on this phone. By the way, it's a Motorola Moto G4 running stock Android 7.0.

    For those that will suggest it, please note that I wrote "VA". So, no, I can't afford to but a new/different phone and still feed these teenagers! 😉
    05-31-2017 09:07 AM

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