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    Hello. I have a Moto G5S plus using a Verizon Sim. I had a Moto G5+, but gave it to my cousin and got the G5S+. The G5+ always had full bars in my house. However, the G5S+ has full bars sometimes, but gets only 1 bar a lot of the time. It fluctuates a lot. It seems to mostly become low signal when its asleep. They both will be using the same Sim card and network, but their amount of signal differ greatly. I also tested the signal with a Nexus 6P, Galaxy S4, iPhone 6S plus, Moto E2, and Moto E4. Each of them have full signal in my house all the time while the G5S+ gets 1 maybe 2. The wifi range also seems to be less compared to the G5+. I thought maybe I got a defective unit, but I got a replacement from Motorola and the replacement is exactly the same way. Is this just how the phone is? Did I possibly get a 2nd defective device? Or is it potentially a software problem and can be fixed with an update, if Motorola ever ever decides to? Not having signal when another phone will somewhere is a deal breaker for me. Can this be fixed, or should I just get a G5+? Thank you.
    11-12-2017 05:01 AM

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