1. Randoo80's Avatar
    Anyone experiencing similar speed/no signal issues with Moto G products on the T-Mobile network? I get horrible signal with 2 separate Motorola G7 unlocked phones I recently purchased. Formerly on AT&T with these phones, and I NEVER had an issue to cause me to even run a speed test. Since switching to T-Mobile we are getting no signal at all, or really slow speeds in suburban Detroit area that I cannot believe would have signal issues in 2019?!?! We went on a road trip and was BLOWN away that we couldn't even pull up a google map!!

    I have had some success altering APN settings - which I LOST when tech support had me reset network settings. When I changed those, I would get signal in some areas while my wife's phone wouldn't with standard T-Mobile APN settings they suggested.

    Even when I get signal, my upload speeds are DISMAL - rarely getting over 1mbps even when I get 30-40mbps down. It's normal to see it at .1 or .2mbps while I'm at home.

    Am I crazy or anyone else having these issues? Can't seem to find much info out there.
    09-06-2019 02:52 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If you happen to be in a Band 71 TMobile area, the phone doesn't cover Band 71, so you're getting 4G from a tower that's a lot farther away, leading to weak or no signal.

    (TMobile uses 2 different APNs, something even most of their tech support people aren't aware of - fast.t-mobile.com and TMUS. One works in some areas, the other works in other areas. [When I was using TMUS, which set automatically, I had no mobile data at all. With fast.t-mobile I get solid data throughout the county.])
    09-06-2019 03:21 PM
  3. Randoo80's Avatar
    I realized that this phone isn't compatible with Band 71 when I purchased it, but all the maps that I could find don't even show them using Band 71 in metro Detroit. It seemed to be more of a rural thing.

    After I followed all the advice from support trying different APN settings, it never seemed to roam to AT&T towers - It does now since I reset the settings. rarely do I see it drop to 3G. I continue to find dead spots that I find hard to believe. I was in a major retail store in one of the busiest areas around here, and I couldn't get ANY signal inside the store, and barely could surf outside of the store when I got into the parking lot, even though it showed me on LTE with signal half way up the bars.

    I guess I'm just in shock that my coverage is worse now with this setup than it was - say 10-15 years ago with AT&T, 3G, and older devices?!? I could understand slow speeds - but nothing at all? I'm so conflicted whether its the phone model, or the network? Everyone else here tells me how great T-mobile is. I know how great this phone was on AT&T's network.

    Anyone have a up to date reliable Band 71 map?
    09-10-2019 01:02 PM
  4. itic's Avatar
    did you try "fast.t-mobile.com"? b/c thats what i changed the APN to here in oakland and i get good service. before i was hardly getting signal in buildings. instead of a map call and ask t mobile about coverage upgrades in your area. Also there should bemaps on the web site..
    09-13-2019 11:47 AM

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