1. kingstu's Avatar
    This mod was displayed in a presentation months ago in Ghana and it looks like it will be coming soon. According to the article it will be called AT&T Mobile TV Cast. I am thinking that there will be quite a few mods available for the holiday season.
    10-19-2017 04:01 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unless this mod is WAY less than 30 bucks (that can get you a Chromecast...and Chromecast does DirecTV Now and many other apps, not just one), that wouldn't be a smart buy.
    10-19-2017 04:16 PM
  3. Scott337's Avatar
    I'm just happy to see the Moto Mod portfolio growing with new Mods being announced, discussed and hitting the market. I do agree that this may not be a hot seller with Chromecast being so popular & affordable; but this Mod may let you cast to the indeed TV dongle without the need to have everything on the same WiFi network. That would help me when I travel, since I have a hell of a time getting my Chromecast to work on many hotel WiFi networks.
    10-19-2017 04:37 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    And here's AC's take on this... And I tend to agree with their assessment.
    10-21-2017 12:27 AM
  5. Ry's Avatar
    10-22-2017 08:01 PM
  6. Scott337's Avatar
    The user comments were a better read than the article itself and did a better job of describing the Mod and its functionality.
    10-23-2017 05:05 AM
  7. SpookDroid's Avatar
    There are WiDi Miracast dongles that are way cheaper than this is going to be!
    10-23-2017 11:20 AM
  8. kingstu's Avatar
    There are WiDi Miracast dongles that are way cheaper than this is going to be!
    There was no price listed so that is to be determined. DirecTV Now is giving away free Roku dongles for new subscribers who prepay for at least 2 months of service. They could do something similar for this mod or bundle it with Moto Z2 Force purchases when the projector promo ends.

    Also, Moto Z phones as well as Pixel phones don't have Miracast enabled. That feature was deprecated in Android Marshmallow so no use using that. They could include their own separate wireless connectivity between Mod and dongle so that you don't have to use the phone's wifi when using it. If they added features like an IR remote inside the mod it would be even more useful.

    I guess we will have to wait and see but I like the idea and how it is all integrated in the mod setup so it is easy to carry if going on a business trip. Just slap it on the back of the phone and go.
    Scott337 likes this.
    10-23-2017 11:56 AM

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