1. livewiremaxx's Avatar
    So I write this in hops to save someone else the headache and tears in spending this kind of money on a paperweight

    So I do not usually like to talk bad about products unless I have to . Do not get the 360 mod its terrible, and a waste of money. I paid the $300 some plus to get this, got it before the software update so that I could even try it out. BTW I am on a moto z. Got the update, and was able to use the camera. Quality is terrible nothing like advertised. Live broadcast did not come as advertised, and then when something came out to be able to do live broadcast it is so unstable and terrible you wouldnt ever want to try again.

    The live broadcast was one of the big things for me, I am a Fire Dept. PIO and wow what a deal would that be to do live broadcast so that you can show off your training. Well think again. The app crashes your phone about 4 times before you can get it to sta stable enough to use it. You use it and if you are lucky to get connected to Facebook it is so gittery no one can watch it. Before anyone says it's your internet, its not... I have done it on high-speed wifi, as well as full signal good strength cell service too. You go to save that live stream, and no audio gets saved... Just the jittery video.

    Now for some reason the camera app also crashes the entire camera when taking pictures.

    And yes, I have cleared cache, yes I have done a full wipe and redo the entire phone ... took me a week.
    I am now to the point telling family do not buy Motorola. That is how upset I am over this, and I have 2 members of my family looking for new phones.
    10-26-2017 07:06 PM
  2. metacuate's Avatar
    This has not been my experience at all. amazing product. but I'm using a Moto z2 Force
    11-03-2017 09:15 PM
  3. Brian Baldwin's Avatar
    Update -
    Ok ... So Motorola support was great. They worked with me and got me a replacement mod. There was some issueson their end but they kept me updated. Got the new mod, same problem crashed and couldnt run.

    So here is what I ended up doing after Metacuae ^^^ commented sayiong no issues with the Moto Z Force 2 I bought the Moto Z2 Force. Not what I waned to do but I do like the mods, and I really wanted to get this 360 camera working. Today is day 3 with the phone and the mod works fantastic. Took one of the most amazing 360 pictures yesterday.

    So conclusion - The Moto z must not have either a fast enough processor or something to run the 360 camera as advertised and sadly this cost me $300 for the camera and $750 for a new phone to get it all working but I should be happy with that.
    12-21-2017 10:53 AM

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