08-23-2013 09:39 AM
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  1. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar
    What would stop me from getting the Moto X? My T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII running AOSPA 3.94 (Jelly Bean 4.3).
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    08-13-2013 10:38 PM
  2. dillont3's Avatar
    I was waiting on my upgrade until the X came out and then was going to decide between the X and the S4. However My Razr became completely nonfunctional after being dropped one too many times, so ultimately the need for a functioning phone now is what stopped me.

    I picked up the S4 about a week ago and don't regret it at all. I do like the size and form factor of the X, and while removable battery is nice I could have lived with out it. Never thought I really needed micro-sd slot that badly b/c until I got the S4 I never put music on my phone. I am somewhat of an audiophile, so don't choose to listen to mp3's through an average phone DAC. However when I found out the S4 plays Flac files and is plug and play with my Fiio E!17 amp/DAC without root I was very happily surprised. Now I have a 64gb SD card almost filled with FLAC files. Maybe the X will have these capabilities, but with limited memory, wouldn't do me much good. I thought the S4 might be a little big for my liking, but I am enjoying the screen size and overall it is a great phone. Having a spare battery eventually will be a plus. The X looks like a great phone, but I don't think i will regret my choice at all when it comes out. The build, size and features look nice, although after the initial novelty wore off, I don't know how often I would really talk to my phone instead of just picking it up.
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    08-17-2013 09:33 AM
  3. double923's Avatar
    Got S4, it's a better choice for me.

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    08-23-2013 09:39 AM
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