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    I couldn't help but swing by the local store when I had a chance. While I wasn't interested in the Ultra or Maxx, I thought it would be a sneak peek at the screen, camera and UI speed since the Droids are almost identical to the X.

    Compared to the Nexus, the screen looks PHENOMENAL. I played around with lower brightness settings to see how it compared and I didn't spot any overt color banding nor the deep yellow tint substituting for whites when the brightness is lowered.

    Granted, I only snapped pics in the store with a tethered device but I was impressed with the quality of the shots I captured. Contrast, colors and clarity seemed very nice to me. I activated the "touch to focus" function and it seemed to do a great job. I know the Nexus camera was a bit of a letdown but, in comparison, the new Moto camera seems pretty darn nice.

    UI Speed:
    Just like all the reviews being posted, the new Moto architecture sure seemed whiz-bang fast to me.

    I still think the Moto X looks better, though I would love to compare it in person instead of from web viewings. But I have to admit, what I saw from the Maxx and Ultra certainly satisfied me. It makes me even that more anxious to see the X. The Maxx actually felt very nice and didn't look ugly at all in person compared to the press images. If I had to choose today, I would go with the Maxx. But if I can hold back long enough, I'll wait until I can get a customized X. There's just a more aesthetic appeal to the X than the Droid family.

    All in all, the preview with the Droids definitely whet my appetite for the X.
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    08-20-2013 01:38 PM

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