1. ericizzy1's Avatar
    just wondering whet everyone's experience as far as voice reception and data speeds on this phone compared to others. also, does this do voice and data over 3 G and LTE at the same time?
    09-04-2013 04:49 PM
  2. andog88's Avatar
    my reception bounces around a lot i dont know why. it goes from 1 bar to 3 bar when im sitting in the same spot. the call quality is pretty good though even on a 2 bar, but the bars going up and down so often just use up battery. its pretty fast from what ive seen but in my opinion itll be a tie with the htc one and a tad bit faster then the s4, but only noticeable if you do side by side.
    09-04-2013 04:53 PM
  3. grooks's Avatar
    My previous phone was a GNex on Verizon. That phone would constantly bounce between 3G and LTE at work with only one signal bar. At home it would also bounce between 3G and LTE with one signal bar.

    My Moto X is on AT&T is consistently has 3-4 bars of LTE at work and usually 3 bars of LTE at home.

    Motorola does typically make quality radios inside the phones. I've been happy with the reception so far.

    The last few speed tests I was getting 21-24mbps on LTE.
    09-04-2013 05:02 PM
  4. jephanie's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon and came from a Gnex. The Gnex could barely get a data signal at home or the office even though I am in the heart of their LTE territory. Even 3G was a struggle. But the Moto X is the boss! I have a very solid LTE signal at both locations. I was very pleased to see I had that at my office, considering the building I work in is considered a phone signal wasteland by many. I did a single Speedtest and got 9.6Mbps download speeds. That is amazing considering the Gnex had problems just getting ANY signal at all.

    I couldn't be happier with the signal strength of the X.
    JoseGui likes this.
    09-04-2013 06:05 PM

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