1. fantom555's Avatar
    anyone try to sync there fitbit with the moto x. i have the app open but it wont sync cant figure it out.
    09-05-2013 01:31 PM
  2. grooks's Avatar
    The fitbit app does not support the Moto X right now. If you check out the fitbit website, even though the Moto X has bluetooth 4.0, Motorola does not have the correct bluetooth libraries installed to communicate with the fitbit app.
    09-05-2013 01:46 PM
  3. phippsy84's Avatar
    Is this an issue that might be resolved soon. I got the S4 yesterday, and one of the factors was my Fitbit would sync with it and not the Moto X.

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    09-25-2013 01:58 PM
  4. anon(4196132)'s Avatar
    It may be resolved in the 4.3 update, given that it better (properly....) supports Bluetooth LE, but we'll only know when/if 4.3 drops for the Moto X.
    09-25-2013 05:43 PM
  5. mysterygirl's Avatar
    Fitbit only supports Galaxy phones. I suggest writing them or commenting in their forums. It appears there are several Android phones that do support BLE but don't work with Fitbit. My guess is that they don't have the development manpower to get things working properly. I think it's important that they realize there is a demand for greater Android support.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-25-2013 06:41 PM

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