1. Ktoomba's Avatar
    Good morning AndroidCentral crew --

    Just curious if anyone else is seeing the "Red" Sim Card error on their MotoX? I got mine on 9/6/13, activated and had no issues for 2 days with the Moto. But starting yesterday... all day and again today, Im getting the red flashing icon that means Sim Card is not present or readable according to the user guide.

    As result the phone starts to heat up quickly and I it wont connect to any of the networks. So I had to switch to wireless only.

    Ive tried all the normal troubleshooting: Remove the sim, clean it with, reinsert, etc... restarting, factory reset, etc etc.

    I read a lot of the HTC One phones had issues with the 4g Sim Cards failing, and it appears to be a mix of the chip itself failing in some cases...but just as many cases with the little slider socket not pressing the chip tightly against the reader inside the phone (so some folks were placing tape on the back of their sim card to force a tighter fit).

    Ive not seen a thread on this for Moto X yet... (unless I missed it). Ill head to Verizon to swap out the sim card today and hope that resolves it.

    Any others having same issue?
    09-09-2013 12:39 PM
  2. mls3z's Avatar
    I have this constantly (no sim card detected icon, then emergency call only, then back to service when it had good signal to start) - it will drop when asked to do something data intensive like a speed test. Have you solved your issue yet? Moto X developer edition with an ATT go phone sim card. Tried a new SIM card, which did not fix the problem. Great signal when I have it, but I seem to get this several times daily.
    10-22-2013 08:01 PM

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