1. majiklantrn's Avatar
    One thing I noticed is when the phone has auto brightness enabled, the pixels turn darker taking a medium gray to a darker gray almost a purple. If I disable the auto brightness and have the phone brightness set at 25%+, the grays look correct and pop.

    I am just looking for some AMOLED education but with auto brightness enabled, does the display technology power down the pixels to conserve power enough to distort the actual color that should be showing? I believe my Galaxy Nexus did this but I don't remember.

    I tried my best to describe this.
    09-17-2013 08:46 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    I've always turned it off because it's a battery waster, but I'm not seeing it when I toggle it right now.

    XT1060. Through spacetime.
    09-17-2013 08:50 PM
  3. majiklantrn's Avatar
    I attach photos that might help explain the issue. This could be my Mobile Phone OCD issue I suffer from.

    Attachment 81869
    Attachment 81870
    09-17-2013 09:26 PM
  4. majiklantrn's Avatar
    Anyone? I might take a trip to Verizon and compare.
    09-18-2013 08:54 PM

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