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    Hey all, just saw something on the /r/Android subreddit that's definitely worth sharing. Here's how to use Touchless Control to launch specific Tasker tasks:

    While this is a mild work-around rather than direct Tasker integration, the end result is the exact same. It gets Tasker working directly with Google Now. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but this came to me last night while messing around.

    1. Download Tasker App Factory
    2. Export any task you want as an app and install.
    3. Use the voice command "open [task name here]" from within Google Now
    4. That's it.

    Some helpful tips and hints:

    I recommend that at the end of any task you want to launch, add the final action:

    Script --> Run Shell --> input keyevent 4

    This will run the back button event, and exit you out of Google Now back to whatever you were doing after the task is complete
    edit: I believe you have to be rooted for this to work, so instead you could use the action app --> go home if you felt like going back to your home screen as a G. Now exit

    Make sure to name your task whatever you want your command to be
    Depending on the number of commands you want to use, your app drawer can get clogged. I recommend using a launcher that will let you either hide apps or group them all into one "Tasker" folder
    This is the type of thing through which Touchless Control could gain a lot of functionality. Have at it, guys. By all means, post any good task ideas you come up with here. I would, but then again I don't have a Moto X.
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    10-03-2013 03:26 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks Patrick!
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    10-03-2013 11:19 PM
  3. ericizzy1's Avatar
    wonder is anyone comes up with cool ideas for the moto x using this
    10-04-2013 03:01 AM
  4. garublador's Avatar
    That's a really good idea. The most obvious one to me is to run AutoVoice Recognize. That way you can do whatever you want from Tasker without having to make a little app for every single thing you want to do. It's probably a bit slower because you'll have to wait for the AutoVoice prompt, but it's still more convenient than having to touch your phone in many cases.
    10-04-2013 05:17 PM

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