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    Hey guys looking for some input from some experienced users. I tried searching but didn't find a lot of helpful information.

    I recently bought the iphone 5s and, while the hardware is fantastic, I can't stand ios7 and am looking to jump to android. I purchased the lg g2 on launch day last month and quickly returned it bc it kept locking up, which verizon told me was just a defective unit but I took it as a sign that iphone is the way to go. In looking into buying an android phone I'm pretty sure G2 and moto x are the two I'd want. I do remember the g2 being a bit laggy and I want the stockish android experience which is what pushes me towards moto x.

    I'm just looking to see if anyone wouldn't mind chiming in that has extended experience with both or could away me towards moto for a reason you don't read about from online reviewers.

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    10-16-2013 06:26 PM
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    I've had iPhones since the original all the way through the iPhone 5. Started getting into android last year when I got bored with iOS. Been through several android phones to including getting the G2 on launch day, still have it. Got my Moto X about three weeks ago or so. Night and day difference in user experience. The G2 is a very good phone with many features but the Moto X does everything I need and want effortlessly. The OS is nearly pure stock android in all ways. It does have three key features integrated into the system in such a way that they are totally seamless, active notifications, touch less control and Motorola assist. I use these features everyday, all day and can't imagine ever having another phone without them. I use google now constantly. I also find that with my use the battery life is comparable to the G2 even though it has a much larger battery. The screen of the Moto is quite good and often understated in the reviews. The Moto X is smooth, fluid and very responsive in daily use and it has never lagged or stuttered on me. Despite what many reviews have said regarding the camera, it works fine for me, I'm on AT&T and got the update on day one of getting the phone so I have no pre-update perspective on the camera. Call quality has been great and it seems to pick up signals in areas where I had some trouble with other phones. Overall I would say it is the best phone I have owned to date and I'm very happy with it.
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