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    If you ever wondered if you can connect your Moto X to your car's Bluetooth phone connection and to a separate Bluetooth reciver plugged in your AUX port, you can do it and works quite well.

    Here is the story:

    I have not gotten around to fix a wiring issue with my 2010 VW Jetta. Originally the Bluetooth harness did not allow a stereo output from the module 9w2 to RCD510 stereo system. The 9w2 Bluetooth module did not support it. My car was upgraded to a 9w7 when VW ran out of the older 9w2 module which does allow stereo Bluetooth streaming, but VW never installed the correct harness saying "it was not an option for that car".

    Now, I will eventually will sodder two pins and enable full streaming, but I need to take apart the dash and I have yet mustered the will to do it.

    So a few months ago I picked up a small ILIVE Bluetooth reciever that was USB powered and also had an 3.5mm jack so it could plug in the VW MDI AUX input. For some reason Android phones will not stream music on it. It only looks for MP3 files and treats the phone as a USB drive when connected with an USB adapter (while the iPhones will stream OTA music and radio via the iPod connector). When I picked this ILIVE Bluetooth receiver, my phone at the time (Palm Pre 2) would only connect to either the car's Bluetooth module for the phone or the Bluetooth receiver. So I shelved the idea and ended plugging in the phone via the audio jack and ended up with the ghastly headphone bug that Pre's suffer from.

    Well, I decided to try my Moto X. I had it discover both the car and the Bluetooth reciever. I set the car to phone only (no media streaming) and the ILIVE Bluetooth connectionr to media. This option is found under Settings>Bluetooth>Paired devices>"Device name">Settings>Profiles and check or uncheck the necessary box.

    I was able to stream the music via the ILIVE connection into the VW AUX input and place a call to home with the controls on the steering wheel. The VW switched the audio connection to the car's Bluetooth phone and dialed out and worked just fine.The MOTO X switched it's audio to the phone bluetooth connection. When I disconnected the call, the stereo head switched back to the AUX input and music was playing. The only thing I did not see if it paused the audio playback from the phone while the call was in progress I was driving). I would imagine so but I will need to pay attention next time to it. Again, the switch and responsiveness from when the car places the call and the call processed by the phone only took about a half a second longer for the switch.

    Well I hope you found this long winded post informative.
    10-19-2013 08:35 AM
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    I swapped my older headunit for a JVC kd-r730bt. It comes will mic. Really nice unit and not very expensive. Pair two devices simultaneously.

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    10-19-2013 12:37 PM
  3. imurrx's Avatar
    I wanted to keep the stock head for the integration it has with the car (steering wheel controls and center dash display).

    One work if found is that you need to pair the phone Bluetooth first then the media Bluetooth second. Otherwise the the cellular data blocked any cell service. Need to test that again.

    Also, the music streaming continued and did not pause when the call was conducted.

    I'll eventually have the harness fixed so I would not need to resort to this bandaid measure.

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    10-19-2013 09:39 PM

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