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    Hi there, wasn't sure where to post this but it seems like it's might just be a Moto X issue (working on my brothers s3). I downloaded BBM the other day and for some reason no notifications show up, no noise, vibration, icon in the notification bar and no active notification. I've tried reinstalling, restarting, and turning it on in the active notifications area in settings. Nothing worked though. Any ideas?

    Edit: receive notification box in settings under apps was unchecked.

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    10-23-2013 07:32 PM
  2. Gamer_Radar's Avatar
    Looks like you fixed it!

    With that being unchecked no notifications would show.

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    10-24-2013 11:03 AM
  3. Matic667's Avatar
    thats sooo ****in retarded. android automatically disables the bbm notifs after installing...took me 2 ****in long days for me to figure that out, **** was unchecked
    10-24-2013 11:15 PM

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