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    I'm looking forward to upgrading to a Moto X but have some questions.

    Right now I'm using a 16g OG Razr Maxx. Lately I have been having problems with the gps radio locking onto my location. How does the X handle google maps navigation? I use it every day, mostly for arrival times but it sometimes takes 10 minutes to lock on.

    Next is battery life. I have read many different forums and reviews to try and get an idea but I'm still hesitant. Coming from a razr Maxx, and working 10 hours a day this really concerns me. It seems like the maxx is losing its charge rather quickly lately. Anyone work the kind of hours I do? Will it last me a day?

    Aside from those concerns, I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger. Moto maker isn't really a big deal, and I'm fine with verizons only 16g offering as I'm still unlimited.

    Looking forward to some insight, thanks!

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    10-26-2013 08:40 AM
  2. cdmta's Avatar
    I do 12 hour shifts and don't need to plug in at night (~10pm), but i do so i have a full battery in the am.

    My average battery life is ~18 hrs. If you watch alot of video and place many long calls, this obviously would be lower. I don't know your usage/will vary.
    Gps seems flawless for me. Are you running the phone stock?(no custom rom or anything?)
    10-26-2013 08:56 AM
  3. RayMabry's Avatar
    I've had my Moto X since Monday. So far, the GPS. Hasn't given me issues. I take the bus and have used it every day to pull up routes from Google Maps. Even just now I opened maps and the phone locked on to my position in a matter of seconds.

    My word on the GPS isn't as good as a user that utilizes it for driving directions, but I think the GPS is pretty good.

    As for battery life, you're in luck, I took screenshots not too long ago.

    This screenshot is from me taking the phone off the charger, making a 20 min call to AT&T, 4 min call to order food, lots of web surfing, used it as a hotspot briefly, passed out for several hours, then woke up, browsed the web some more.

    In my opinion, the battery life is pretty solid. I leave on auto brightness and GPS. On my Galaxy S3 I used to only use auto brightness outdoors and turn it off and use the lowest brightness setting when inside and on cloudy days. Now I don't worry about it.

    The drain is really slow when the phone is not in use.

    When in use the drain isn't all that bad. I'm a pretty heavy user and have more apps than your average user. I take the bus and my work is far from where I live. Between 6:50 and 7:55 I am in transit and I start work @ 8:30.

    By 7:55 my Moto X is at around 86 percent. My Galaxy S3 used to be at around the 67 percent.

    By lunch (11:45) my Moto X is somewhere around 70 percent. I used to take lunch at 1:30. My Galaxy S3 would be around 40 percent by then.

    By habit, I plug my Moto X in around 3 PM. But I'm confident it would make it back home (~6:30) if I didn't. My Galaxy S3 would be dead by the end of work for sure. But I like leaving with it at 100 percent. It lasts me through the rest of the evening.

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    10-26-2013 09:27 AM
  4. mayconvert's Avatar
    Battery life for me is amazing.
    I charge at night, use phone as an alarm clock, use it all day, and need to charge before bed.
    I average 24 hours but I sleep for 6-7 of those hours.
    I don't really use the GPS much.
    So I can't help you much there.
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    10-26-2013 10:33 AM

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