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    Hi Folks,

    New Moto X convert form iPhone... took a bit but now I am *really* liking this phone.

    Ok smart folks, please help me out. I Did a quick search but could not find the answer feel free to point me to another thread.

    I have a contact "Conference Line" with a dial in number and pass code that I have programmed into my contacts.
    Example below and it works / dials fine when I press the contact.
    i.e. It dials the number pauses enter the pass code and # sign and connects me fine.

    However when I "OK, Google Now".... "Call Conference Line" is strips out all the special characters i.e. pauses # etc and thus does not dial / connect properly it just dials. 123456789987654 and thus does not connect me to the conference line.

    Any advice? I would really like this to work.

    Well duh after many tries I created a NEW contact and it works, seem like the number when it was imported was stripped of the charters and I only noticed *after* i did OKGN the first time, then fixed the number. Seems like it is cached somewhere.

    So... now how do you clear the cache... I dropped and re-created the contact so I am fine but something I would like to know
    10-29-2013 10:32 AM

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