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    I loved my HTC MyTouch 4g on TMobile years ago. It was one of the best phones I owned. Even after I traded it for the GNexus, the overall design of the MyTouch was so much better. Now, the Nexus was a much, much better phone, but the build quality and feel of the MyTouch was just awesome.
    I was struck by how much the Moto X reminds me of that MyTouch 4G in your hand. The MyTouch was a more solid phone with the metal back, but size and form-- it is so similar to me. When the wood backs come out, I bet they will feel even more similar to the MyTouch. (wonder if there will be a way to swap the backs for a wooden one?)

    HTC myTouch 4G vs Motorola Moto X in Smartphones
    10-31-2013 08:59 AM

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