12-01-2013 11:34 AM
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    Yea..although there's the occasional person that likes to stand up and say they don't use swiftkey to be "individual", I would like to see a survey. I'd have to say 70% of all android users use swiftkey a majority of the time.
    I don't text much so Motos keyboard / googles keyboard respectfully on my device served their purpose. Not always as fast, but gets it done. I find physical superior anyways. Plus all those installs still 4$, I find that bit much for a keyboard. I tried it free, men, not sure if its improved since then.
    11-02-2013 11:33 PM
  2. ultravisitor's Avatar
    I had the motorola droid on verizon when I first got swiftkey. It replaced my blackberry storm. It was #1 android app then.. I took a hiatus from android for awhile. I went windows phone, then iphone, etc. I always missed swiftkey. I always thought texting on android was better then the other phones. When I got my dna in janury, I still owned swiftkey and my previous apps. Its been what, 3 years now?

    swiftkey is still the #1 app I believe. Thats a whole lot of people downloading, and I have no idea how much money.

    I think being at the top of the chart gets the word out to non geeks.
    And remember that Android has grown A LOT over the past three years. That means lots and lots of very casual users. I know people who don't know how to find keyboards or what to look for in order to find a good keyboard or, really, apps in general. I've spoken to at least one person who doesn't even use the homescreens because he thinks it's too complicated. I tried to explain, but he didn't even care to find out. He just opens the app drawer to find apps.

    Yes, lots of people might have downloaded the app, but don't discount the number of people who really don't know much about their phones. Many people don't even care outside of being able to use email, text, and social media. So long as those things work for them, they don't look any further when it comes to using their phones.

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    11-02-2013 11:59 PM
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    At least on mine, when I select a word from auto complete it may look like the space isn't there since the cursor hasn't moved, but if I just start typing the next word it automatically inserts the space. Give it a try. What does annoy me, though, is that it doesn't automatically insert a space after a comma.
    Thanks a bunch I did not know that. I'm using the Google keyboard now and will give it a try.

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    11-03-2013 12:25 AM
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    This being my only smartphone, I can only compare it to my spouse's IPhone5. The first and foremost thing she likes about my phone compared to hers is the keyboard - the swype type feature built in (she also wishes she could have the touchless "OK Google Now" type of voice commands, and the Assist Driving mode). She was absolutely shocked (as was I) that there isn't an IPhone app with that keyboard feature. We're both newbies and therefore aren't totally familiar with the downsides of Steve Job's insular world (we're familiar with the upsides, there are a lot for sure).

    I haven't tried swiftkey, but probably will since it's so highly recommended.
    11-04-2013 06:59 PM
  5. KWKSLVR's Avatar
    Yea..although there's the occasional person that likes to stand up and say they don't use swiftkey to be "individual", I would like to see a survey. I'd have to say 70% of all android users use swiftkey a majority of the time.
    Umm, I'd say 99% of Android users aren't even aware that you can change the stock keyboard. That said, if they did know, I'd say 70% would probably love SwiftKey.
    11-05-2013 11:28 AM
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    This has nothing to do with the keyboard. It is a glitch with switching from a iPhone to a Android. I turned off the iMessaging and also find my iPhone before activating my Android. Now I still cannot receive text from a iPhone, only non iPhones.
    12-01-2013 10:11 AM
  7. str8bucs's Avatar
    Simple fix is to get switfkey, then go to theme and layout, key height and change portrait to large.

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    12-01-2013 11:34 AM
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