11-10-2013 10:50 PM
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  1. ne0ne's Avatar
    I just ordered my Verizon Developer Edition from Motorola and paid $675.00 (with tax). I didn't think 16 GB was enough for me, I use over 20 GB in my Gnex and am not interested in cloud storage.
    I pray I dont have the voice cut out issue with it, I have been suffering with the 30min hangup bug on the Gnex and cannot tolerate voice quality issues after paying that kind of money.
    I have not owned a motorola phone since 2007 and hope I am not disappointed.
    Moto x reminded me motorola sure does make a good phone. Amazing form factor. I think its one of the best devices right now and I also own an htc one and n5. Moto x rocks

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    11-09-2013 11:52 PM
  2. CutlaSS's Avatar
    Well the first 24 hours with this device have been blissful. I used that migrate app to transfer over 7 GB of music and over 2.5 GB of pics and nearly 20,000 text messages. (it took about 4 hours)
    But it all transferred and on there. The battery is a world away from the Gnex. I'm at 25.5 hours with 1.75 hours of screen on time and still have 31% left. Even at half that - 12 hrs with 3.5 hours of screen on time and 15% left is some VERY respectable performance. Granted, I didn't install all my apps yet but first impressions are great.
    11-10-2013 10:50 PM
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