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    I got this phone on Thursday and let me tell you how great it is. At first I was skeptical of Republic Wireless because I hadn't heard of them before but I decided to take the jump and order one. It's a pretty sweat deal.

    About Me:
    Budget Conscious
    Ned latest and greatest

    T.E.N, ******* dollars a month.
    Better service than AT&T and Tmobile (in small town Minnesota)
    T.E.N, ******* dollars a month.
    Wifi calls are clear on both ends
    Have service even in my basement thanks to wifi
    T.E.N, ******* dollars a month.
    They gave me a shirt
    The phone

    Sometimes it says that my message wasn't sent after I've gotten responses back
    Sometimes touch less controls start up for no reason
    Wasn't confirmed as purchased until almost at my house
    I have to have a capital letter in my account password

    Overall this is a great phone on an even better plan.mi strongly advise you to check them out. There few flaws don't warrant passing them up!

    If I helped you out and made you want to sign up please use my link (below) to save us both $19! Thank You!
    <<referral link removed per Mobile Nations rules>>

    Any Questions? I'll try to answer as much as I can!
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    11-25-2013 08:45 PM

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