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    Just got my Moto X and it's been great except for the fact that the app I select for a default application does not stick. Doesn't even work actually. For example, if I see a link to a youtube video, I'd like for the youtube app to open it. I click on the link and then the screen pops up for me to select either the youtube app or chrome. Of course I select the youtube app and "always", but it goes straight into the chrome browser. Just for fun, I selected "just this time" and of course it still pops up in chrome. Also have this issue with messaging apps and everything else I've tried. I've tried a hard reset twice...with no luck. Any ideas? 100% stock out of the box on just yesterday. Pretty bummed about this...

    12-11-2013 11:38 PM
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    I heard someone else mention the same problem. I don't know what the solution is but at least it's not just you. 🌁

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    12-12-2013 01:09 AM

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