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    Hello folks I'm new here. I have a Moto X and the back is mint, it's a real light green, it's almost white looking. It gets little greasy smudge marks from my fingers on the back. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to clean it. Thank you.

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    12-14-2013 03:23 AM
  2. mrsmumbles's Avatar
    You could try a little eyeglass cleaning stuff. Either just a soft eyeglass cloth or a cloth with a tiny bit of eyeglass cleaning liquid.

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    12-14-2013 03:46 AM
  3. blacksapphire08's Avatar
    I use a microfiber clothe to clean the screen and back. If the back is really greasy/dirty I use a bit of lens cleaner or diluted windex. You could also use a cleaner specifically meant for electronics.
    12-14-2013 03:48 AM
  4. anon(464338)'s Avatar
    I use clorox disinfectant wipes. They're not bleach just the brand. they are pre moistened and give just enough cleaning power without being abrasive. Then wipe dry with a microfiber. Gets clean and is disinfecting which is good because your phone is just as dirty as your hands.

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    12-14-2013 10:00 AM

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