12-23-2013 10:00 AM
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    I just got my moto x last week and after using it for about 3 days I decided i will be replacing my G2 with this. There's lots to like about the G2 but here's why:

    - Size: the G2 squeezes a lot of screen in but it still feels a bit larger than I want or need my phone to be
    - The screen on the G2 is gorgeous and colors are vivid but I still have a personal preference for the dark blacks and vibrant colors of amoled (as long as it's not pentile, which the x is not)
    - Keyboard: Once or twice a day the screen on my g2 would behave in an oversensitive way and if I was typing it would play havoc with word recognition and if I turned off swipe it still was tough. Usually after a minute or so it would be fine but it was annoying when it happened
    - performance on the g2 was usually silky smooth but it would stutter and freeze a few times a day.The moto x may not be quite as smooth as the g2 at its best, but it's much more consistent and in the end more enjoyable to use
    - Battery life on the G2 was superb, which was amazing given the screen and processor, but the Moto X is in the same league
    - Having SMS messages appear in a pop up window was a nice feature of the G2s, but when I switched to Hangouts as my primary SMS client I lost that benefit
    - Active Display, Touchless Control etc etc ..... Great features of the moto x that are extremely useful
    - More frequent updates
    - Maybe it's shallow of me, but having a very unique looking phone that I got to specify via motomaker adds a personal touch I really like.
    - LG G2 camera was very flexible and more powerful, but I'm surprised how much I'm liking the moto x camera given its general reputation as so-so at best. You can just hold the volume down button to jump right to the camera on the g2 which worked well,
    - I actually liked the g2 button placement (and there is an option to have a volume slider on the notification drop down, BTW), and really liked knock-knock to turn on the screen.... When it worked...
    Moto X's ways of waking the phone via ActiveDisplay or Touchless Control are much better.

    In the end the two most compelling advantages of the g2 are its larger screen that can show more info and the camera with ois and strong low light performance. For me at least the strengths of the moto x considerably outweigh those.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on!

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    12-22-2013 03:40 PM
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    Save yourself a crappy headache. Get a Moto X and be happy for months to come. USA!

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    12-22-2013 05:46 PM
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    I wouldn't go near the G2 with a 10ft pole!!The X wins all the way around!
    12-22-2013 07:12 PM
  4. wooddale's Avatar
    I have both hard call the X has a bit better signal there both fast as hell both have unique features. The back button is not a deal breaker as a matter of fact I find myself looking for the knock on my other phones. The only flaw the G2 has is GPS navigation works fine but maps can take awhile to lock on which should be fixed with update. The bigger screen is nice.
    12-22-2013 10:32 PM
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    I had the G2 (3) and finally gave up on it because of call quality problems that others also had on verizon but at the time no one officially admitted the problem and there wasn't a solution. It appears as though someone discovered through service menus that disabling the EVRC-B option fixed the distortion issues in the ear piece. This is a newer codec algorithm for CDMA. Now there's an OTA for the G2 and I read it helps voice quality so I'm not sure what they did there. Just be prepared that if the OTA doesn't fix it you may have to read about the under the hood fix if you run into it.

    Other than that I guess I would have kept it but some things bothered me. It felt big in my hand and as much as I enjoyed the big screen, even with small bezel, it felt a bit awkward to handle and have in my pocket etc, especially since I use cases. I tried to like the back buttons but I really feel that the GSM versions of the buttons were easier to find and press than the narrower verizon buttons. I didn't like the little notification LED much. You can't control how often it blinks and at least with stock configuration options you couldn't adjust the colors other than among a fixed few. I was contemplating trying to use NoLED but I worried about battery drain since it's LCD.

    What I did like on the G2 other than the nice screen was the interface. I loved the pop-up dialer idea. Sometimes I'm at a web site and want to dial a number but it isn't always clickable, like it's embedded in an image, so being able to type it right into the dialer without having to memorize it first is neat. Not that I would use it often but I liked it. As well as other pop-up, re-positionable windows. Battery life was great. I had to return one G2 due to overheating though. I also thought the bluetooth in my car sounded amazing especially to the other end. Not as good with my X but not horrible.

    I'm overall happy with my X with the size, battery life, and performance. I think voice quality can be a bit better to the person on other end. Even though it's improved in the updates I still think the noise cancelling might be still a bit too much. I have to position my mouth close to the microphone for it to sound loud on the other end. If I move it away too much I think it reads my voice as noise or something. So I have to pay attention to how I hold the phone. The G2 might have been a better position because the phone is a bit longer and the microphone is at the bottom - I felt it was positioned closer to my mouth with how I naturally held the phone.

    Just some thoughts. I probably have more but no point writing a long essay.
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    12-23-2013 10:00 AM
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