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    Well we are a 2 x M.X family. DW was first and a motomaker that she built as her first smart phone. Helping her set it up and customizing it a bit lead me to decide it was time to retire my beloved HTC Rezound on VZW. So I got a standard black on black one for .01 from Amazon after getting VZW to bump up my date by three months.

    To me it was size, feel, display, active display, smoothness, and speed as the Rezound was getting a little long toothed. I knew I was giving up a great camera, but if I want to take great pictures I have a real digital camera with 7x optical zoom with a old Dimage 7 that still takes great pictures.

    So after almost a month it is:

    Active display
    Radios as good or better than the great ones in the Rezound
    Drive mode
    Battery life
    Google integration between devices

    Motorola tools made the switch from the Rezound quick and easy.

    Hopefully they will continue to work on the camera, and with many things moved to Google Play updates do not depend on the carrier.

    Happy Moto Xer


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    01-02-2014 05:43 AM
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