1. Nicholas173's Avatar
    I got a moto x, on sprint, for Christmas. I can't see or send emojis. When I send them, the person on the other end sees black question mark boxes. The same happens to me when I receive them. I use hangouts for messaging but have tried the stock app and some other apps as well. I searched but haven't seen anything about this. Running stock 4.4. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it? Thanks!

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    01-09-2014 01:34 AM
  2. karmamule's Avatar
    It could be caused by the phone the other person is using, what phone is it? Have you tried messaging someone else with a Moto X to see if it works?
    01-09-2014 07:26 AM
  3. Nicholas173's Avatar
    Yes. I have tried message people with moto x's. Thanks for the help. It doesn't matter Android or iPhone, sprint or Verizon, it always comes across as the black question mark box. To make it all even stranger, the first one, the plain smiley face, works. None of the others do though.

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    01-09-2014 10:01 AM
  4. JoeNM84's Avatar
    Try uninstalling updates to the keyboard and reinstall them?
    01-09-2014 12:08 PM
  5. Nicholas173's Avatar
    I tried uninstalling the updates for the keyboard, didnt help. Thanks for helping though.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-09-2014 05:22 PM

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