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    I was really loving my Moto X, but I had a real issue with idle/standby battery drain. I never could get to the bottom of it, which was frustrating, because I was loving the device otherwise. Who knows, maybe I got a lemon. I've since moved on to the LG G2 and the battery life is phenomenal (but it's also a larger battery so that's not really a fair comparison). I really miss my Moto X but the battery issue was a deal breaker for me.
    01-23-2014 04:40 PM
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    Hello all

    I'm considering getting a moto x for my next phone and would like to hear the opinions of people who owns the device.

    I currently own a Blackberry Z10 and have become disillusioned with the way Blackberry 10 is working and am looking at Android as an alternative. So if there are any ex BB10 users now rocking a Moto X it would be great to hear your opinions too.

    The things i find important are:

    Messaging - I use my phone to communicate primarily. This is why i have stuck with Blackberry for so long as the focus on messaging has always been optimal for my experience. I dont think i will get the same experience with a Moto X as i would with Blackberry, but the Active Display feature certainly looks to minimise the void. From what i understand any app can use this feature. It looks like it could work well for me.

    Calls - Again Blackberry have always been great with call quality, but Motorola also enjoys a similar reputation. i've not heard anything too specific about the Moto X in this category though.

    Battery Life- Blackberry used to be all about battery life, but the Z10's staying power is awful. I'm probably a medium to heavy user and would like my phone to last from 8am to around 9pm if possible. The battery reports on the Moto X have been mixed so would like to hear real users opinons.

    Notifications - By this i mean things like ringers and vibrations. I could customise all this on Blackberry but the Z10 ringer volume is woefully inadequate. Would i be able to hear the Moto X ring if its in my pocket and i'm in a noisy bar?

    Games- I tend to value battery over gaming so i steer clear of hardcore games and then to choose casual games that can fill a few minutes. for example The Sims free to play is one i regularly play. I'm assuming the Moto X can handle all this with no problem?

    Music player - i use my phone as a MP3 player. the Z10 music playback left a lot to be desired. How is the Moto X in this area?

    I'm not fully decided on the Moto X, I am considering the Sony Z1 too. Would people recommend one over the other? I prefer the Moto X's size and larger screens tend to be a negative point for me.

    So thanks in advance to everyone who replies
    From one former BlackBerry user to a current user...if you are considering going Android then I say go with the Moto X. I too debated with the idea and even reached out to these forums as you now have and finally decided on the Moto X from a long list of "Top of the Line" Android phones. Now lets see if I can address your queries...

    The active display is great. The only downfall I see to it as opposed to the BB10 is from the lock screen in BB10 you can select which notification you have received and click on that particular one to start with. With active display, if you have multiple notifications that have come in, you can see that you can notifications from each app but you can only slide directly into the most recent notification.

    I have Sprint and live in a small city. I have found that in my house was the only place that anyone ever had problems with calls. More specifically, the iPhone toting people in the house cannont seem to get their phone to ring when someone calls them the first time. The only way their phones will ring is if someone calls them and then when it goes to voicemail they quickly hang up and call again. Then their calls come in. When I had my BlackBerry I did NOT experience these problems. Since getting my Moto X, I have to say that I am still in the same boat as my Berry and experience no call problems both incoming and outgoing. No dropped calls and call quality is on par with my old BB.

    The batter life on my Moto X is superb compared to my BB. Hate to say it but I can now use a bunch of different apps all day and still get on average 16 hours in a day. That should be more than needed for any normal use. To give you an idea of my usage I get around 100 emails a day, about a couple hours of web surfing. Maybe an hour or two of music streaming or video watching and probably 2-4 hours of playing games/apps. Plus I belong to 5 groups in BBM and the unfortunate part about BBM for Android is you can't turn the group notifications off without turning all of the BBM notifications off so I get those all day too.

    I have found the ability to customize ringtones and notifications on the X to be good. As I mentioned above, you don't get ALL of the notification options you got on a BB but it is pretty good. I have been using an app called Zedge to get my ringtones and notification tones and I always listen to them prior to downloading them so I try to pick LOUD ones that I think I'll be able to hear in noisy places. I haven't used my X in a bar yet but can say that I have been in many a crowded mall or shopping center and a few restaurants and have had people look at me funny when they hear some of my notifications from across the room. So you should be ok.

    Games are not a problem as I have already stated. I like to a lot of puzzle and time killing games that are pretty easy going and it handles them like a dream. I am also hooked on a few pretty graphic intensive games and they all work great too. You shouldn't have a problem for what you are talking about.

    I don't do a ton of streaming or use my X as a mp3 player but I guess I do my fair share. The sound on the Moto X is pretty good but I have always been using my BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Speaker for a little extra boost and have no complaints, well, except for the people around me sometimes

    As for the Z1 I haven't used it but I have to say that I think the Moto X fits nicely in my hand which is kind of large and the overall feel of the device is really good, not too big but not too small.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
    01-27-2014 03:38 PM
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