1. mhunter6378's Avatar
    For those that are having Exchange Email issues with the Kit Kat update, there is an app I just tried that may help. Mail Wise - Beta, in the play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mo.email&hl=en

    The app functions quite nicely and has a clean look in the interface. I have been using it all morning and so far it has worked perfectly. The app is currently free and worth a try if the stock app is not working for you. In my case, I had no issues with the stock app but I like this one better. Additionally, there is a security bypass that allows you to sidestep security requirements that are sometimes imposed by Exchange.
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    01-27-2014 09:53 AM
  2. sk1win's Avatar
    Great tip. Thanks man.
    01-27-2014 11:46 AM
  3. stanleywinthrop's Avatar
    Will this app integrate with the stock calendar app?

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    01-27-2014 03:33 PM
  4. mhunter6378's Avatar
    Will this app integrate with the stock calendar app?

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    Yes, if you sync your exchange calendar it will show in your stock calendar app
    01-27-2014 03:51 PM
  5. johnnyfear's Avatar
    Cool app, very impressed so far.
    01-27-2014 08:17 PM
  6. NYRico#AC's Avatar
    What about PIN lock? My exchange forces a PIN lock, I have been using Touchdown which forces a PIN lock to access the app, not the entire phone. How does this app handle PIN lock? Thank you.
    01-27-2014 08:24 PM
  7. dacunto's Avatar
    Downloaded the app about 6 hours ago. So far its handled two exchange accounts flawlessly. Emailed the developer with a question and got a response within 30 min. Giving it another day and as long as it performs like it as been, it will replace the stock email app

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    01-29-2014 04:54 AM
  8. richv77's Avatar
    I just installed this app and I cannot connect to my Exchange account. It's looking for a client certificate. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any info.

    01-30-2014 08:29 AM

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