1. kellygh5's Avatar
    Just completed a FDR to try & resolve multiple, annoying (albeit nothing major) quirks. Now I have a new one & hope you can help me. Typing, despite unchecking all sound & vibrate options in settings, still produces audible, vibrating feedback. Any suggestions? I'm not a tech guru but think I have double-checked the obvious. Maybe not? This was not a problem before the FDR. The only thing that has changed since the FDR is adding k-9 email to solve the inability to "delete all" from trash & the incessant, daily filling of my inbox with emails previously deleted from the trash folder. Appreciate any assistance!
    01-29-2014 09:07 AM
  2. atakin77's Avatar
    Settings --> Language & Input --> Click the "settings" icon next to whatever keyboard you are using. You can uncheck vibrate, sound, and popup on keypress there.
    01-29-2014 09:17 AM
  3. Puzzlegal's Avatar
    No idea. I use K-9 all the time, and have never had that problem. I use Swype, but I am pretty sure I didn't have any noise or vibration when I was using the stock keyboard.
    01-29-2014 09:24 AM
  4. kellygh5's Avatar
    Thank you both for the feedback! atakin77- I went to language & input but initially did not take the extra step of clicking settings next to my keyboard choice. The icon didn't strike as being a setting button, but it is, and I'm grateful you could point out the oversight. Thank you!!!!
    01-29-2014 09:35 AM

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