09-13-2017 10:04 AM
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  1. vikrant sidh's Avatar
    I thought initially what a dumb suggestion. Nowhere on Google was it mentioned. But to my surprise it actually worked. Thanks a lot bro... You saved me tons of misery!!!
    11-11-2015 11:19 PM
  2. aj ankur 05's Avatar
    Connect Moto E to charging
    Press vol down key for about 30 sec.
    Then simultaneously press Vol down and Power Button for 3 Minutes.
    Your Phone will start charging.

    Do these steps work for Moto X2 as well? Please help.
    11-27-2015 10:25 AM
  3. liarasgirlfriend's Avatar
    you are a lifesaver!! thanks
    09-16-2016 03:35 PM
  4. billieinthe060's Avatar
    worked great! Had tried 4 different chargers, car a wall charger a turbo charger and from my P.C. none were even showing that the phone was getting a charge (nothing blank screen no power)
    Was linked to my P.C. when I did the reset suggested then have jumped it over to turbo once it showed signs of life.
    Saved my droid THANK YOU!
    09-20-2016 01:11 PM
  5. Ravi Shankar17's Avatar
    My motoxpaly battery is fully drained up .After that I kept for charging for more than a day but still it is not crossing 1% .What is the issue and How I can resolve this ??
    11-25-2016 03:41 AM
  6. dewaang bhambri's Avatar
    after draining to zero my phone didnt started even after charging for 9 hrs even more the white light nw has gone
    Please help me now
    12-12-2016 01:52 AM
  7. Venkata Neeharika Kondipati's Avatar
    thanks a lot it worked !!!
    01-05-2017 01:48 AM
  8. happymmot's Avatar
    I tried this method successfully (holding down the volume down button for 30 sec then the power + volume down for 30+ seconds) before months ago and it DID boot my phone up after having the green light of death on all night; tried it last night and nothing would happen - it wouldn't even show me my battery status; only that sad green light. I left it on the charger all night and tried the method again this morning with no effect. It was only when I pulled the charger from the base of the phone that it started booting up like normal and then showed only 8% battery life, so I would suggest trying this method and then if it doesn't work, trying different chargers.
    09-13-2017 10:04 AM
58 123

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