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    Hi Guys,
    Just can't leave anything alone.
    Been messing with the DIY Unlock and it is now working well. I am gong to try with lesser-strength magnets and/or more magnets, but pretty excited so far.
    NFC -- DIY Skip/Unlock-unlock-diy-001.jpg
    The disk is a 512B - 1-1/4" diameter NFC tag, the magnet is a small 3/8" x 3/16" x 1/8" Neodymium I got a long time back, probably from AllElectronics.com, but I am hoping I can use something even smaller as it is pretty fierce at grabbing anything iron-based around it. Although, I have read of people losing their Skip belt-clip-thing to metal doors etc, so maybe it needs this magnet strength.

    To set it up...
    Go to
    Manage NFC Unlock
    ...and follow that through, I used a PIN number.

    Without the magnet, the phone needs to be turned on but still locked and passing JUST the tag will unlock it. With the magnet and the tag it does both. Wooo Hooo.

    I have also tried to decode the tag but to no avail as it looks like Moto have secured it well. What was a 512B tag, now shows as 120B and still programmable but I have yet to mess with that side any farther, I trust the Moto guys to have that secure enough.

    I do not have a 3D printer - yet, but this would be a perfect time to have one. I am going to modify one of my small CNC milling machines into a 3D printer and make a key-chain style holder version. Hopefully the speed of the CNC steppers will be fast enough, but if I NEEEEEED a 3D well, then...

    Might have to dash out and buy some flowers for the banker and master of the purse strings.
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    02-19-2014 06:07 PM

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