1. Ytown's Avatar
    WiFi is consistently showing 40-49% of battery use. Anybody else having this issue? I'm using strong WiFi at home and no issues with the other android phones in the house.

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    03-02-2014 10:43 PM
  2. delrey1900's Avatar
    Is your phone usually on stand by? Or do you use it often? During times when my phone is on stand by the most, Wi-Fi is the highest battery usage. However, when I use my phone rather heavy, the screen becomes the #1 battery user and Wi-Fi isn't even the top 5. It all depends on your usage...
    03-03-2014 08:03 AM
  3. Ytown's Avatar
    It is on standby a fair amount of time. I have used other Android phones and WiFi never even showed up on battery use.

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-03-2014 08:38 PM

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