1. PiggyMiddle's Avatar
    I just dialed a number that was busy and wanted to add it to the contacts so I can call it again later. I am damned if I can find how to do that without typing in the number again to the contacts entry page.

    Please tell me this is not as good as Android gets.

    Do I really have to type in the number I can see on screen, again?

    I hit the dial-button, and at the lower right was a Contacts+ icon and I tapped that and it gave me the dialer again to type in the number.

    Surely the Google developers are smarter than this!
    04-29-2014 09:38 AM
  2. Cant Miss's Avatar
    Phone app>History>Tap Number>Tap Add to Contacts
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    04-29-2014 10:36 AM
  3. PiggyMiddle's Avatar
    Phone app>History>Tap Number>Tap Add to Contacts
    Thanks, but that is no better. I get a blank page that says "No Contacts" and then I have to tap the menu and add. And around we go again.

    I know there are no contacts, I only just started using the dialer. We use the phone mostly for data, just in case that "contacts" comment made you scratch your head.
    04-29-2014 07:04 PM
  4. davidnc's Avatar
    If I call a number using the stock dialer. Then I decide to call that number back later.
    I can go to my call history and tap on that number and it shows I can add to contacts.

    Yours doesn't show that ?

    After I tap add to contacts then this screen opens allowing me to add it.

    sent from my Moto X , Android Central Moderator
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    04-29-2014 07:42 PM

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