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    Whenever i try to connect my moto X via USB and activate the MTP setting, my PC ALWAYS tries re-installing the MTP (media transfer protocol) driver. I get the message that there was a problem installing the device and a yellow flag in device mnager under XT1060 above it there is a listing for M and that seems fine but it always loops into the driver install as soon as I choose MTP on the Moto X. I have restarted my computer and phone while plugged in via usb and unplugged. Installed the new driver package 3 times, tried to downgrade to the last version of drivers I was using (it tells me there is no driver), tried manually finding and installing the driver and it tells me that I have the most updated version... I've upgraded my windows drivers.
    I want to transfer MP3 files to the device and I cannot do that.
    05-11-2014 10:21 AM

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