1. Jeremy Pippin's Avatar
    One of my favorite Moto X layered features is the ability to launch the camera app with a twist gesture.

    There does not, however, seem to be an option to select the camera app that is launched with this gesture.

    If I wanted to, say, replace the Motorola camera app with the Google Camera app, is there any way to set this as the default in such a way that it would launch with the twist gesture?
    05-14-2014 04:00 PM
  2. ScottMGS's Avatar
    The twist gesture is part of the Motorola Camera app, not the OS. So, no, you can't switch to a different camera app.
    05-14-2014 04:17 PM
  3. Rocketsaucev2's Avatar
    If you are rooted there's an xposed module called twisty switch. Works perfectly

    -Eclipsed Moto X-
    05-14-2014 04:25 PM
  4. Jeremy Pippin's Avatar
    Bummer. Thanks for responding.

    Insert 3-paragraph FWP rant about how this random edge case feature I want is the most important one and how Motorola is doing a disservice to the world by not serving my peculiar need here.
    ScottMGS likes this.
    05-14-2014 04:27 PM
  5. anon(8082935)'s Avatar
    As a not-quite-the-same alternative, you can select the Google Camera to be the default for launching from the lock screen. I am aware that this isn't the twist gesture though.
    05-14-2014 05:12 PM
  6. dmark44's Avatar
    I'm satisfied with using the Moto software with the twist gesture, but understand others' frustration.

    Choosing a default camera app and accessing it from the lock screen is not a bad compromise, still allows pretty fast access.

    The only problem is, I rarely use the full lock screen because the active notification lock screen pretty much activates every time I grab my phone.

    I've got several features on my lock screen I never use because if it (swipe left for favorite contacts, left again for a calendar agenda view.)

    Sent from my Moto X
    05-15-2014 07:17 AM

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