1. scaryguy12's Avatar
    Is https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=J6aDmTbv or http://www.att.com/cellphones/motoro...sku=sku6860293 come with 32 GB because it doesn't show how to GB they are, if you could help, thanks.
    06-05-2014 05:55 PM
  2. NickLippert's Avatar
    Hit the details link on the att one and it says up to 16gb, so no.
    06-05-2014 06:00 PM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    At least for Verizon, the 32 GB is only available through MotoMaker (or it WAS, I don't think that changed). You CAN get a 32 GB Verizon one but you have to go through Motorola.
    06-05-2014 06:20 PM
  4. scaryguy12's Avatar
    ok thanks, but is the contract for verizon on motomaker with 4G LTE and if it is how much data/ how do i change it, because i will need 3-4 phones
    06-05-2014 06:31 PM
  5. hallux's Avatar
    You can sign up for whatever Verizon contract you want. There are no specific contracts based on how you got the device. Yes, the contract will be 4G and you can sign up for whatever level data plan you want. If you're starting a new plan, I'm not certain how the MotoMaker process works, there may be a way they've linked to Verizon or you may need to go to a store, get the account set up and they give you a code to use on MotoMaker to "build" your phones.
    06-05-2014 07:00 PM
  6. scaryguy12's Avatar
    so if i buy it off of https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=pqX-tga7 do i take it to a verizon store fr a sim card
    06-05-2014 07:09 PM
  7. PapaGary's Avatar
    so if i buy it off of https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=II7KE-uC do i take it to a verizon store fr a sim card
    Uh, I don't think Verizon uses SIMs.
    06-05-2014 10:32 PM
  8. hallux's Avatar
    Yes they do.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-05-2014 10:35 PM
  9. JoeNM84's Avatar
    It will come with a SIM that just needs to be activated.
    06-05-2014 10:37 PM
  10. PapaGary's Avatar
    Ah, I thought that only GSM carriers used SIMs. I guess I was mistaken.
    06-05-2014 10:45 PM
  11. Mark_Venture's Avatar
    Uh, I don't think Verizon uses SIMs.
    Verizon's "Global Roaming" capable or "World Phone" devices have used SIM for GSM Roaming outside the USA.

    When VZW launched LTE (back in 2011 with the HTC Thunderbolt), they use a SIM for LTE. That sim in those phones is also used for GSM when roaming. (SIM on LTE phones is unlocked too, so you could pop a T-Mo or ATT SIM in there, make a few tweaks and go)
    06-06-2014 10:28 AM
  12. zedorda's Avatar
    Ah, I thought that only GSM carriers used SIMs. I guess I was mistaken.
    LTE is a GSM technology. Only the pure CDMA devices on Verizon/Sprint are without SIM cards.
    06-06-2014 08:10 PM

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