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    Does anyone else have this infuriating problem?...

    When I take a photo with my phone its lat/long co-ordinates seem to be recorded correctly - I can view the photo on the phone and it shows the proper location. After the photo is uploaded through auto backup to Google+ the longitude is switched! For example, a photo was taken at 52.026,-0.79, but after backup and resync its showing 52.026,0.79, putting it at the other side of the country.

    This is happening with both the Motorola camera and the Google Camera from the play store.

    It acts like its a problem at Google, but I'm leaning towards this being something to do with the phone as it doesn't happen to photos taken with my Nexus7. I've searched but been unable to find any other similar reports so thought I would ask
    06-08-2014 01:54 PM

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