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    The reset was two days ago.

    I used to be able to say "Ok Google now, play {artist's name}", and it would begin to play all the tracks by that artist from my library. Same thing with a song title. Now though, it will only show me a link to that artist or song on the Google play store. Is this thing misbehaving, or did they happen to change the functionality of it at a perfect time so as to make it seem like a result of my reset? I can still say "play music" and have it shuffle my content, or open other apps with it, I just can't be specific about the content I want to listen to.

    My battery consumption was also very unusual over the first 24 hour period after, but seems like it's more or less back to normal today. I'll need to monitor it.
    07-07-2014 01:12 PM

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