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    With the current Moto X sale, I am strongly considering buying a Verizon Moto X Developer Edition.
    Verizon has no Nexus phone and no one knows if a current Developer Edition of the Moto X +1 will be offered on Verizon.

    It's not something I need, but I recently got a Verizon Moto G for cheap, paid $45 to unlock the bootloader and spent around $65 for a very functional wifi only device. I figure the Moto X Developer Edition will be everything and more.

    However, if I tire of the Moto X or decide to get an X +1 Developer Edition in the future, I may gift the phone to a family member on AT&T.

    I know that the Verizon Moto X will support text, voice, and HSPA out of the box, but not LTE unless it is using Band 4.

    My question is: (and I've searched but can't find a definitive answer) If the bootloader is unlocked, is it possible to flash the radio and modem files of a different carrier to the phone and enable full LTE support?

    Are the internals and hardware of all Moto Xs the same between carriers? I am assuming the Verizon phones may contain an extra radio for CDMA support, but assuming the guts of all Moto Xs are the same, is it realistic to assume that radio bands and compatibility are determined by software and can be reprogrammed?

    Obviously, a locked bootloader would prevent this sort of thing, but if the bootloader was unlocked and the radio bands for LTE were 4 and 13 (Verizon's standard), is it realistic to think that they could be easily overridden and flashed for 4 and 17-the default bands for AT&T?

    Realistically, it would not be a deal breaker to not have the full LTE support on AT&T. They are currently using a 3G only phone, so a VZW Moto X with HSPA will be plenty fast.
    07-19-2014 11:39 AM
  2. diesteldorf's Avatar
    Finally found the answer after some more searching:

    AT&T Moto X radio | Moto X | XDA Forum

    Turns out Moto uses custom radios for each model. The circuit board is the same, but the radios are not, so it won't work.
    07-19-2014 02:26 PM

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